Advertise to the right people with the right message and for free

Use the Information Presenter to promote, advertise and inform the right people, with the right message and for free.


Online advertising is expensive and not necessarily efficient. Currently, the average Cost Per Click ad for the largest search engine across all industries is over $2 per click, with the highest price for some words over $50. CPC adverts make a charge every time the user clicks the ad, even though it may be the same person. If the visitor clicks the same add several times by mistake, then the advertiser may spend a lot of money for absolutely nothing. The other types of online ads suffer from similar problems. On top, many users hate ads.


The Information Presenter displays and disseminates your information. In addition, it also offers dedicated advertising capabilities. You can use any and all appropriate for your business use-case-customizations of the Information Presenter, including: The Information Presenter adverts are very polite, unobtrusive and never interrupt the user. Further, they are displayed only to people who are interested in them. This is because the app must be installed on the user computer, and only people interested in your organization and what you offer will install it. The app allows you to display as many or as little adverts and messages as you wish, and keep statistics for you. Besides showing your content, the software supports three types of advertisements:
  • Menu adverts
    The menu adverts are commands embedded in the main app menu. They are visible only when the user opens the main menu in an elegant advert section in it. Thus, they are non-obtrusive, yet clear and informative. In the user is interested and selects one of them, then the browser will load the webpage linked to the advert. The intention for menu adverts is to display "proper" advertising information, such as "Today's top offers". However, they are also suitable for other types of messages.
  • Overlay adverts
    Overlay adverts are text messages which appear at the bottom of image slides. An elegant drawing and a notice s.a. "advert", "invitation", "message", "note", etc. make the message apparent at first glance. The user can navigate to the message webpage with a single command. Overlay adverts are suitable for invitations, reminders, as well as for "proper" advertisements.
  • Slide adverts
    Slide adverts are ordinary image, video, or document slides, designated as "adverts". Slide adverts can display any type of information.
You control the app adverts from the web-interface. From there, you can create, edit, enable, disable, delete adverts. You can also control their frequency, view their statistical data, such as impressions and clicks, etc.

The advertising capabilities of the Information Presenter are complete, flexible, and easy to use. The adverts are effective, elegant and unobtrusive. Most of all, by the very nature of the product, its ads target precisely the right people and come at no extra cost. The Information Presenter can save you money on online advertising and increase your revenue.


  1. Enables the organization to make targeted ads to the right audience interested in its products.
  2. Enables the users to receive messages, promotions, and advertisements in which it is interested.
  3. Enables the organization and the audience to have reminders and other communication messages.
  4. Reduces search engine dependence and costs for not always efficient but expensive search engine ads.
  5. * Not all benefits apply to all organizations, and not all potential benefits may be listed.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Resorts, hotels, cruises, tour operators, travel agencies, and municipalities.
  3. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  4. Schools, universities and libraries.
  5. Corporations, s.a. automotive, etc.
  6. Jewelers.
  7. Fashion designers.
  8. Communities and churches.
  9. Real estate agencies.
  10. Dealerships.
  11. Sports clubs and other clubs.
  12. Photographers.
  13. Event organizers.
  14. Pet shops, gift shops, hobbyist, etc..
  15. Restaurants.
  16. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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