Sell digital souvenirs and use them to popularize your cause

Sell the app and access to your content as digital souvenirs and reach new customers.


When it comes to souvenirs most organizations sell random generic items not necessarily related to them or their cause. Some organizations manage to develop souvenir lines related to them and their cause, but that can be difficult and expensive. Although we live in the digital age, there does not seems to be many digital souvenirs if any at all that organization can sell. Not to mention one with physical touch that a person can give as a gift to their loved ones from their visit to a place.

Many organizations such as museums, art galleries, resorts, hotels, cruises, parks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, etc. could benefit much if digital souvenirs physical touch did exist and which presumably would propagate the cause of the organization via photos and videos of their artifacts.

Organizations could easily make digital souvenirs by taking thousands of photos and videos of their artifacts, save them on a memory drive and sell them as digital souvenirs. However, in only a few days, the photos and videos will appear uploaded on the Internet. Thus such a simplistic approach is not viable.


The Information Presenter provides a solution to the problem. Using the Information Presenter museums, art galleries, parks, nature reserves, resorts, hotels, cruises, corporations, etc. can have their own digital souvenirs. The souvenir will serve not only as a standard physical gift, but also will advance the cause of the organization and propagate their information.
  • Your own "Souvenir" edition - suitable for most organizations.
    • Your own "Souvenir" edition of the Information Presenter will allow your visitors, guests and customers to buy it as a tangible product which they can give as a gift to their loved ones.
    • The recipient of the souvenir gift will be able to learn about you and your cause, be it a museum, resort or something else, in a way as you want the to learn about it.
    • The app will allow you to safely share photos and information, advance your cause, and earn income. It will also allow you to broadcast adverts and messages to the users of the app.
    Main features relevant for a "Souvenir" edition:
    • Web-portal - all customer editions include an online portal.
      • For editions able to display online slides, the online portal is also used to add and edit the online slides.
      • The online portal allows you to advertise and display messages through the app.
    • Ability to display local slides - always recommended.
      We recommend for all "Souvenir" editions to include the ability to display local slides. In this way, your souvenir will allow its final recipient to enjoy their own photos using the app, which will make it even a better gift. Further, if the recipient can watch their own photos using the app, then they are more likely to keep it installed on their computer, and thus for you to have a connection with them. When the "Souvenir" edition is able to display local slides:
      • Included support for local encrypted image slides - in this case you provide large number of encrypted images of your artifacts with the souvenir. Only your souvenir edition can decrypt and display the encrypted images to the user. Thus you propagate your information, but it cannot be reasonably stolen and published on the Internet. The user can also use the local source of slides to watch their own photos.
      • Excluded support for local encrypted image slides - in this case you can provide some number of low quality non encrypted images of your artifacts with the souvenir, but this is not necessary. The user will watch your online slides and information instead. The user will use the local source of slides to primarily watch their own photos. Included support for online source of slides will be required in this case.
    • Ability to display online slides - only for content rich organizations.
      We recommend this option only for organizations rich in content, s.a. museums, resorts, and cruises. The organization should add the content to their online slide library from where the app will show it to the users.
    • User group capabilities - no.
      Membership in user groups is not appropriate for this edition type.
    • Ability to display adverts - all customer editions include it.
      All customer editions include the ability to display menu and overlay adverts. However, only online slides enabled editions can display slide adverts.
    • License - licensed to the end user.
      Since the souvenir is sold to the end user then the license must be also for them. However, note that a single license enables two (or by request can be more) concurrent activations of the app at a time.
    • Physical media - must have physical media.
      You can also design your own souvenir. In general it should contain:
      • The software on installation media - mandatory.
      • Software installation guide - mandatory.
      • Software license - mandatory.
      • Encrypted or non-encrypted images of your artifacts - optional.
      • Greeting card - optional.
      • About your organization notes - mandatory.
      • Beautiful box or other suitable packaging - mandatory.
You can sell your own digital souvenirs and advance your cause with the Information Presenter tailored to souvenir spec for your organization. Besides providing the software, we can also help with all other aspects of the creation of your digital souvenirs.

The Information Presenter offers a cost-effective digital souvenir solution for many organizations. These include museums, art galleries, resorts, hotels, cruises, parks, nature reserves, botanical gardens, etc. It helps organizations stay connected to people worldwide and brings them joy and knowledge. The software also allows users to make direct purchases from the organization's website. The app can also be a very gentle advertising agent if an organization wishes to use it that way, too.

Digital souvenirs are more beneficial for the final recipient than old school souvenirs, too. For example, gone are the days when people visiting a seaside resort would buy a shell of Rapana venosa to listen to the waves when they go home. However, a digital souvenir enables its beneficiary to enjoy stunning scenery from the area, the underwater world, see the amazing food, and learn about the place, its geography, history, culture, and so on, and would be indeed an appreciated gift.


  1. Have your own digital souvenir, most suited to your organizations needs.
    The core of your digital souvenir consists of your souvenir edition of the Information Presenter. Optionally include as many as possible encrypted photos of your artifacts and assets stored on physical media. The number and dimensions of the encrypted images depend on you. We provide additional encryption software for you to encrypt your photos. You can also add other items to the souvenir, such as a greeting card, a pamphlet, and anything else suitable.

    We can create a custom souvenir edition of the Information Presenter for your organization within days. We can also design the digital souvenir for you, or, we can provide you with an example design to help you design it yourself. Local to you media print shops can then manufacture the souvenirs in quantities as needed. In the simplest case a digital souvenir can be a digital-download gift cards with a download link and an end user license key. If you decide to include encrypted photos on the souvenir media, then the images will be encrypted with the state of the art security technology.

    Be creative with the design of your digital souvenir. For example, you can add a second storage media device to it, so that your visitors can copy on it their photos which they made during their visit, and thus make their gifts even more interesting.
  2. Increase your revenue form the sale of digital souvenirs.
    You are in full control of the finances for maximal profit due to the flexibility that a custom version of the Information Presenter offers. Also, since you can design and manufacture the souvenirs yourself, in as small or as large quantities as needed, and make the items as simple or as lavish as you wish.
  3. Popularize your organization and cause across the world.
    By selling digital souvenirs you bring yourself to the souvenir final owner and user of the included software. Your visitors effectively became your advertising agents.
  4. Provide enjoyment and learning to the user through information and content that they enjoy.
    By providing many beautiful photos of your "things" through the software, you will allow your audience to enjoy what they love. If you provide some information with the image slides, as well as video and document slides, your audience will also learn over time without putting any conscious effort for that.
  5. Educate users in a slow-pace but continuous way while advancing the cause of the organization.
    By providing video, document and image slides, with attached to them properties, you can continuously educate your audience. One bit of knowledge after another, with every slide they see. Undoubtedly, they will appreciate this. This applies to every kind of organization. For example, an automotive company can educate people about cars, their history, how they operate, etc. A resort can teach people about the local geography, history, customs, food recipes, and so on.
  6. Provide comprehensive information for each item through multiple slides and properties.
    You can add as many slides to your slide library as you wish. The software will deliver your content to your audience. The web interface for adding and editing slides is simple and intuitive yet powerful and allows - no IT skills are required.
    • The app supports three types of slides: image, video (and audio), and document slides containing text, images, video, audio, links, etc.
    • An item can have multiple slides of all types to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
    • Slides can have any number of properties attached to them, to provide information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
    • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to try to cram all possible information on a subject.
    • You can link slides to webpages to enable the user to get more information or take action by following the link.
    If your organization has aids, such as students, interns, volunteers, then you can use them to help you build your online slide library. Define data provider accounts for them in order to create the slides safely, and later when ready your experts can review, fix any issues, and make public for all users of the app.
  7. Enable direct online sales from your website through slides associated with its webpages.
    All online slides can have an attached to them external link, which the user can click from the app main menu when the slide is loaded. Additionally, document slides can contain any number of external links leading to your or other websites.
  8. Enable elegant and unobtrusive advertising, promotions, and information sharing.
    Use the software to let your audience know about events and offerings which may interest them. You can provide three types of advertisements/messages in an elegant and non-obtrusive way.
    • Menu adverts - these are embedded menu commands in the main app menu. The system default browser will load the webpage linked to the advert if the user selects it.
    • Overlay adverts - these are messages displayed at the bottom of image slides. The user can navigate to a webpage linked to the note with a single command.
    • Slide adverts - these are ordinary image, video, and document slides, but designated as "adverts". You can tell the software to display a slide advert after displaying a certain number of ordinary slides.
  9. Create bonds, trust, and gratitude between the user and your organization.
    This will be a natural effect of gratitude for the received knowledge and consequent successes.
  10. * Not all benefits apply to all organizations, and not all potential benefits may be listed.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Resorts, hotels, cruises, tour operators, travel agencies, and municipalities.
  3. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  4. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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