Flexible pricing to meet any requirement + Promotion Now!

Limited time offer

20% discount on all subscriptions.
30% when you pay annually.
%% discount on end user licenses.
Subscriptions for edition licensed to the organization (as opposed to the end user) - choose one that best suits your needs:
-- pay per gallery G-150 G-500 G-1500 G-3000 G-5000 G-Unlimited
Galleries 🛈 150 500 1500 3000 5000 unlimited
Slides 🛈 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Users 🛈 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Monthly fee 🛈 £99pm/£990pa £149pm/£1490pa £199pm/£1990pa £249pm/£2490pa £299pm/£2990pa
Promotion🛈 £79pm/£831pa £119pm/£1251pa £159pm/£1671pa £199pm/£2091pa £239pm/£2511pa call us
-- pay per slide S-150K S-500K S-1M S-Unlimited
Slides 🛈 150,000+ 500,000+ 1,000,000+ Unlimited
Galleries 🛈 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Users 🛈 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Monthly fee 🛈 £0.0007 slide/month £0.0005 slide/month £0.0003 slide/month
Promotion🛈 £0.00056 slide/month
£0.00588 slide/annum
£0.0004 slide/month
£0.0042 slide/annum
£0.00024 slide/month
£0.00252 slide/annum
call us
-- pay per user £0.95 user/month
£0.76 user/month - Promotion Now!
£7.98 user/annum - Promotion Now!
- only for membership editions, min 100 users. Unlimited galleries and slides.
Discounts for all subscription models:
  • Pay annually and get two months for FREE - pay 10 and get 12 months.
  • Pay annually and get 30% discount - Promotion Now!
  • Pay annually and get reduced manufacturing fee by 25, 50, 75 or 100% for G-1500 and above subscriptions respectively.
  • Pay annually and get the app modification fee canceled should you require app changes.
  • Subscription fees purchased at a discount apply for the life of the subscription unless our promise kicks in.
Our promise - keep your best prise:
  • Should the app subscription fees go down in the future, then so will also what you pay from your next billing cycle.
  • Should the app subscription fees go up, then your subscription fee will remain at the lower initial cost until canceled.
First-time customers trial:
  • Pay half of your app manufacturing cost (£299.50) and use your app edition for one month free of charge. Then:
    • pay a monthly subscription + the remaining app manufacturing fee, or
    • pay an annual subscription with refunded app manufacturing fee, or
    • cancel with no strings attached.
Further help for schools, not-for-profits, and customers from less privileged countries:
  • We can offer significant discounts for schools, not-for-profits, and customers from less privileged countries.
    Call us to discuss how we can help if our already low costs are still a challenge for you.
Storage 🛈 50GB SSD 1TB-4TB SSD 20TB HDD 4TB-36TB HDD 1TB SSD Any
Bandwidth 🛈 ∞, 100M/s ∞, 100M/s ∞, 100M/s ∞, 1G/s ∞, 1G/s AYD
Backup 🛈 Manual Manual/System System System 1h restore AYD
Monthly cost 🛈 FREE £20-£50 £60 £110-£200 🛈
+£90 set up fee
£220 🛈 NA 🛈
  • The exact slide library usable space depends on your requirements and preferred backup configuration. Larger systems up 340TB at 300Mbps bandwidth are available (set up fees apply). Systems up to 72TB storage and 3Gbps bandwidth are also available. Call us to discuss the optimal solution for your requirements.
End-user licenses cost for editions requiring end-user software activation, e.g. "Thank you"" and souvenir editions
License count 🛈 101 to 500 501 to 5K 5001 to 10K 10001 to 15K 15001 to 20K 20001+
Cost per license 🛈
by agreement
call us
  • Souvenir editions of the app include a perpetual personal license for the buyer (end-user), provided to them with the souvenir. For the avoidance of any doubt, non-souvenir editions s.a. "community", "membership", etc. are licensed to the organization, and do not use end-user licenses.
  • Souvenir editions may or may not require online services and subscription depending on your requirements.
- first edition 🛈 £599 - one off fee to create your app edition - reduced or canceled for qualifying subscriptions.
- following editions 🛈 £299 - one off fee to create your app edition - reduced or canceled for qualifying subscriptions.
- edition modification 🛈 £99 - applies only to monthly subscriptions - canceled for annual subscriptions.
- app upgrades and fixes 🛈 £0
Other notes:


Purchase End User licenses for already existing editions

Step 1. Request the required number of licenses.
Step 2. Upon confirmation of the fee, pay by bank transfer.
Step 3. We issue the licenses and send them to you by email.

Order of a new edition

Step 1. Request your new app edition with the required features and pay the deposit fee.
Step 2. We ensure the integrity of the requirements and provided materials.
Step 3. Within four weeks*, we produce and provide the beta of your edition for approval.
Step 4. If your approve the beta - go to step 5, or request amendments - go to step 1.
Step 5. Pay the remaining part of the fee, or as agreed.
Step 6. We provide the software edition.
Step 7. We work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the product.
* Typically, we can manufacture your app edition within two weeks after your payment and submission of the required materials, s.a. names, texts, logos, etc. However, in busy times, it may take a longer than four weeks. Time frames are only advisory and are subject to prompt response of the customer regarding any customization issues.

While waiting for your order fulfillment, please prepare as many photos of your items as you could ready for upload to your online slide library. Aim for at least a few thousand images. Once you receive access to your slide library, you will be able to upload the photos as slides in minutes and establish a good online slide library right away. You can then provide your app to your audience. The next step, optionally, is to go through the initially created image slides and assign properties to them providing information for the content on each slide and thus increasing their informational quality. The more high-quality image, video, and document slides you add to your slide library, the richer, more fascinating and engaging it will be.

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