Captivate new members and keep your current ones

Use the Information Presenter to increase your membership by captivating new members and keeping your current ones.


Even the best museums, parks, and organizations have difficulty providing worthwhile membership benefits. Members may feel that they do not receive enough for their contribution and discontinue their membership. The typical membership benefits are:
  • FREE admission.
    This is a useful benefit. However, its value could diminish in certain cases:
    • if the organization offers free admission anyway, as many large public institutions do, or
    • the paid exhibitions are only a few times in the year.
  • Visit new exhibitions during member preview (work-) days.
    This is a good benefit, probably mostly for students and academics living in town and enjoying much free time. Also, for many people, seeing an exhibition a half a week earlier or half a week later would probably make little difference.
  • Invitations to special events and openings.
    This is another benefit good only for some. Consider the following scenario where an event starts on at 18:00 on a workday. In order to be there on time, a member who works in a town a 100km away, must take the afternoon off. Of course, the actual attendance may not be free, although the person has paid a membership fee.
  • 10% discount in the gift shop and café.
    This is another, more useless than useful benefit. How often do members buy souvenirs from the gift shop? How often do members spend time in the cafeteria instead of at the French restaurant down the street? Likely not very often.
  • Subscription to the organization's newsletter.
    This benefit can profit all members. However, reading one more email in the today's busy world is more of an obligation rather than pleasure. It may be a nice 5 minutes distraction once or twice a month. It also could be a treasured and appreciated benefit if the organization put a lot of effort and attention into it. More often than not, though, these newsletters are just as valuable as spam.
  • Free admission to other partnering institutions.
    This benefit provides value only to people who travel often to the right places and when there have time to visit those partnering institutions.
Clearly, the typical membership benefits provide little to no value for most members. Some people will still purchase a membership every year to support the organization not expecting much in return. However, many will not consider becoming members at all, or will discontinue their membership in the following year or two.


Provide a membership edition of the Information Presenter to your members, and give them a considerable benefit to enjoy your artifacts and be part of your organization at all times.
  • Your "Membership" edition - suitable for club enabled organizations.
    • The "Membership" edition of the Information Presenter will allow you to share information and images of your artifacts, as well as video, audio and documents with your members. It will also allow you to broadcast messages and adverts to them.
    • The members of your club will enjoy your items continuously and receive a tangible return for their membership support.
    • The "Membership" app edition of the Information Presenter will allow you to offer membership worldwide.
    Main features relevant for a "Membership" edition:
    • Web-portal - all customer editions include an online portal.
      • Use the online portal to add, edit, delete, and manage the online slides.
      • Use the online portal to add, edit, delete, and manage the adverts and messages through the app.
    • Ability to display local slides - disabled.
      "Membership" editions do not display local slides.
    • Ability to display online slides - mandatory.
      "Membership" editions can always display online slides, as this is their key feature and primary objective. The organization should add the content to their online slide library from where the app will show it to the users. A "Membership" edition should have more and better image slides than a "Community" edition, when an organization provides both. This will give an incentive for people to be members.
    • User group capabilities - mandatory.
      User authentication and groups capabilities are mandatory for membership editions, as they are used to limit who can and can't use the app. User groups also allow you to granulate which members can see what, i.e. you can create layered membership structure by groups.
    • Ability to display adverts - all customer editions include it.
      The edition can display all three types of adverts and messages.
    • License - licensed to the organization.
      The end user does not receive a license code and does not activate the software. However, members can concurrently authenticate the app to display slides on a limited number of computers, as agreed, usually two. There is no limit on how many installations and active users can use the app.
    • Physical media - optional.
      "Membership" editions usually use only digital download. However, you can provide the app on media or print cards with the download address as part of the membership welcome package.
The Information Presenter provides an excellent solution for organizations who offer membership. It allows their members to engage with the organization and benefit from it continuously. The Information Presenter can help increase membership satisfaction and boost new and existing subscriptions.


  1. All members of your membership club can benefit from this perk regardless of their circumstances.
    Regardless if in working in town, or living on the other end of the world, all members can enjoy your artifacts and educational information. Ideally, your slide library will be as rich as possible. The app allows you to build an outstanding online slide library (no IT skills are required).
    • Utilize all three types of slides: image slides with the highest picture quality, video, audio and document slides. Use images, video and audio in the document slides.
    • A point of interest should have multiple slides of all kinds to show and discuss it from different points of view without becoming repetitive or boring.
    • Use the ability of the app to assign properties to slides to provide additional information about the item, such as history, materials, price, etc.
    • Each slide should contain a single point of interest as opposed to cram all possible information on a subject.
    • Link slides to external webpages for more information or for the user to take action by following the link as appropriate.
    The Information Presenter also allows you to provide different membership levels.
  2. The software enables your members to enjoy your beautiful items continuously.
    By using the app, you can give your members access to what they love with just a click. The more information you provide, in small easy to take bits, the better.
  3. The software enables your organization to educate its members continuously.
    You can continuously educate your members with image, video and document slides, with attached to them informative properties. One little bit of knowledge after another, with every slide they see.
  4. The software incites the members of your organization to utilize the other benefits via its advertising features.
    Use the advertisement capabilities of the software to let your members know about events and offerings about which they may wish to know.
  5. You can invite new members from all over the world who can use only the app and benefit from their membership remotely.
    People from all over the world can benefit from their membership in your organisation through the app. You can attempt to do the same through your website. However, that is next to impossible, as websites are not suitable for this purpose. The main reason is that it requires a conscious thought and effort from the user to navigate to the website and find something new to see and learn. There may be a few people prepared to do that, but most will find it to be a burden and will skip it all together. Other reasons include difficulties and expenses in creating a large and rich website, etc. However, the Information Presenter is the ideal tool for this task.
  6. Help your members benefit from their membership and feel part of your organisation.
    Your members will appreciate this gain of joy and knowledge of what they love. An excellent reason to purchase and keep their membership, as well as feel part of your organisation and cause.
  7. Create bonds, trust, and gratitude between the user and your organization.
    This will be a natural effect of gratitude for the received knowledge and consequent successes.
  8. * Not all benefits apply to all organizations, and not all potential benefits may be listed.


  1. Museums, art galleries and science centers.
  2. Parks, gardens, nature reserves, zoos and aquariums.
  3. Schools, universities and libraries.
  4. Communities and churches.
  5. Sports clubs and other clubs.
  6. Photographers, artists and content creators.
  7. Other types of businesses and organizations.

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